Shearing course - shearing llama & alpaca in a gentle way

In the last 20 years of breeding llama and alpaca we did make a lot of experience concearning the shearing of camelids. So we dicided to organize a course on this special topic. We try to work quickly, clean and in the most stressless way for the animal (and the human).
  • Llamas are shorn standing. Only the belly part or if necessary the whole animal.

  • For the alpacas we usa a table. They will be held by three persons in an natural position and not bent or streched in any way

Content of the course: 

  • Everything about a good knife

  • Preparation of the shearing spot and the animal

  • shearing

  • the division of the several fleece parts (dependent on what they can be used for)

  • tips for the further work of the fleece

    20th of may 20167at the Kaserhof in Soprabolzano (Italy)

    from 10am to 4pm


    Price: 60€ (meal and drinks included)

    Languages: Italian, german and english

    Bring weather-proof clothes

    For further information or registration: info@kaserhof.it


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