Lamas, alpacas & thoroughbred Arabian horses

Already from far you can see the animals which belong to the farm, enjoying their serene lifestyle. Besides the numerous lamas, alpacas and Arabian horses the view on the farm is scattered with cattle, chicken, ducks and dogs. Sometimes even the cats honor us with their presence. All of our animals enjoy being kept appropriately to their species and are solely fed with natural forage. The farm belongs at least as much to the animals as to the human inhabitants. A fact, the Mair family and their many guests highly respect.

Since 1996 the Mair family has been breeding lamas and alpacas and therefore is the founder of the largest and oldest breeding station in Italy. The “De Oro” breed is one of the most successful breeds and disposes of the broadest genetical variety in Europe.
Alpacas and lamas are persistent and curious animals with a gentle and friendly nature. Our more than 100 animals have smooth, dense and shiny wool. Due to their skillfulness and excellent mobility they won several awards in international beauty and athletic competitions.

For further information please visit the breeding station’s homepage.
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