Thoroughbred Arabian horses are characterized by their robust, persistent and lively nature and therefore are mostly popular and successful in the field of recreational riding and endurance riding competitions.
They originally come from the Arabian Peninsula, where you can still find today so called pure breeds in the desert, even though the thoroughbred Arabian horse was almost extinguished in their original home territory at the beginning of the 20th century.
Nowadays the largest populations of the thoroughbred Arabian horse are found in the USA, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland and Germany and due to this cultural highlight’s rediscovery also in the Middle East.
As the farm “Kaserhof” is located at 1.320 height meters over the sealevel, our breeding station is the highest of its kind all over Europe and has already been since 1990.
Our herd with more than 20 animals usually sojourns on their pasture outside. In our bright and airy stalls in the stables they like to relax after exciting workdays.
Order Thoroughbred Arabian horse
Main breeding area Orient, USA, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Italy Germany, Russia
Country of origin Middle East, Arabian peninsula
Distribution Worldwide
Height in hands 14.1 to 15.1 (1,48 to 1,55 meters)
Coat colors All basic coat colors, often gray horses (appear white)
Head Refined, wedge-shaped head with a broad forehead, well-formed ears, large eyes and nostrils
Neckline Arched, with a large, well-set windpipe set on a refined, clean throatlatch, average or distinct withers
Body Average, flexible backline with a relatively long, level croup, naturally high tail carriage; long and laid-back, strong shoulders a solid bone structure (standard correct equine conformation) with a deep, well-angled hip and strong, hard hoof walls
Gait Light and elegant motions; sure-footed walk
Character Friendly, sensitive, intelligent
Fields of activity Riding and endurance riding, breeding, shows, long distance rides and many other competitions
Characteristics Long-lived, healthy, great stamina, frugal
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